At Falls Town Dental, we welcome patients of all ages…including young children! Thanks to gentle, preventive care, it’s possible to avoid unwanted gum disease or tooth loss in the future. When intercepted early enough, some types of mild infection can even be reversed.


Even the healthiest of patients benefit from continued recare appointments. In most cases, we recommend a visit at least every six months (if you have gum disease, you may need to be seen more frequently.)

During your visits, we’ll provide essential preventive therapies and services to help you avoid an unhealthy smile in the future. Some of these include:

  • Prophylactic Cleanings - Combat gum disease and keep your smile bright with a visit to our hygienist.
  • Exams and X-rays - Careful diagnosis and assessment of your oral health tissues allows us to intervene when problems are easier to correct.
  • Flouride Treatments - This important mineral can help remineralize weak enamel so it’s resistant to cavities.
  • Dental Sealants - Protect and guard your child’s smile against the risk of tooth decay.
  • TMJ Appliances - Jaw pain and headaches are often attributed to clenching and grinding. A custom splint may help.
  • Oral Cancer Screening - Catching oral cancer early is the best way to avoid the deadly results. Even healthy individuals are at risk.
  • Periodontal Therapy - Non-surgical gum disease treatment can help you avoid unwanted tooth loss.
  • Athletic Mouthguards - Custom fitted guards protect better than over the counter prosthesis — especially when it comes to concussions.
  • Checkups for Kids - Making dental care “fun” can change the way your child feels about trips to the dentist when they are an adult.



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