Dentures Help You Smile with Confidence!

Regain your confidence after tooth loss with beautiful, fully-functional dentures from Falls Town Dental.

Whether you need to replace a small section or an entire arch of missing teeth, Dr. Fernandez takes pride in creating beautiful, lifelike dental restorations to address your tooth loss. You can count on our team to deliver gorgeous results.

With our dentures, you can eat, talk, and smile normally again. Contact our office today to schedule your restoration consultation!

Restoring Your Smile

Dr. Fernandez begins all treatment with a thorough examination to determine the appropriate treatment plan based on your oral health and unique smile. We use digital imaging and scanning to produce accurate impressions of your current dental state. This gives our team a complete understanding of your tooth loss and how to address it effectively.

When visiting our practice for full smile replacement, you can choose from our traditional and implant-supported full or partial denture appliances.

Traditional Denture Options

Our conventional dentures are custom-crafted removable restorations made of a gum-colored acrylic base with porcelain replacement teeth. Each base is designed to secure to your gums through professional-grade dental adhesives and natural suction.

If only a few teeth are missing from your smile, our partial dentures are a reliable, customized, and effective solution. These restorations use metal clasps to secure the device to neighboring teeth, providing sturdy, discreet results.

Implant-Supported Dentures

While traditional prosthetic options are beneficial for improving appearance and function, only implant-supported dentures and partials provide complete tooth replacement from root to crown. Instead of adhesives or metal framework, your denture appliance is held in place by several bio-safe titanium posts anchored in the jawbone. These posts act as artificial tooth roots, providing your jawbone with the stimulation it needs to stay strong, healthy, and function properly.  

Dr. Fernandez determines if your jawbone is healthy and strong enough to support dental implant placement. If you lack proper jawbone volume, we refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for a bone grafting procedure,  which will strengthen the area and improve your chances of successful placement.

A Complete, Beautiful Smile is Only a Phone Call Away!

At Falls Town Dental, we enjoy providing you with improved oral health, beauty, function, and overall well-being with our lifelike denture appliances. Pairing modern dental technology with our gentle and minimally invasive approach, we aim to provide you with a dental home for truly comprehensive care.

Call our practice today! We look forward to restoring your smile to its former glory.


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